Do you wish to spread flyers during the event? Please ask for permission. It is not permitted always and/or everywhere.

Awards and GadgetZone
You can use your product to compete for the title PromZ Promotional Product of the Year 2022. All free of charge!

Promotional Product of the year Awards
Get attention from all PromZ.live visitors (and PromZ Magazine readers) and send in your product. Click here to fill out your entry.

How does it work?
Very easy, you click the link above and fill in everything. Via newsletters we call on people to vote for the various products. You can of course also do this yourself amongst customers, acquaintances and friends.

You then send the product to our office (Veerdijk 40-I, 1531 MS Wormer – The Netherlands) and we will place it in in the GadgetZone, where visitors can also vote during the event. We will announce the winners during the reception at the end of the exhibition day. And of course all winners will be mentioned in the PromZ Magazine published after PromZ.live.

Judging is done in 7 categories:
(by the public and a professional jury)

  1. Sustainable
  2. Event articles / Give-aways
  3. Office
  4. Sports / Outdoor
  5. Household
  6. Textile
  7. Other

Looking for publicity under more than 80.000 end-users? Then send in now! Click here for uploading all information.

Hanging points (inside the hall)
Wish to hang up lighting, eye catchers or otherwise above the booth? In that case you are obliged to make use of chains. Not everywhere rigging is possible, so please contact us for more information.

Wish to make noise/sound or play music during the exhibition? This is approved at your own booth, as long as surrounding booths don’t have a problem with that. Other ideas? Please contact us.

Sampling (products)
Wish to sample your product during the event? Ask for permission. Sampling is not permitted always and everywhere.

Invite (your relations VIP)
Make sure your own relations visit as VIP’s. As VIP your relations make use of and free drinks at the PromZ Lounge. You will receive more information on this subject.